Nowadays, compliance is more complex than ever. Legal challenges are constantly increasing in a global environment. This is why we are constantly adjusting our processes and systems to the legal framework. To underline the importance of compliance to us, we have firmly embedded it in our corporate policy: “We comply with applicable laws and internal guidelines”. Compliance is therefore an active component of our corporate culture. We operate a compliance management system that enables you, as a customer, business partner or employee of the company, to act on the basis of standardised and binding structures. To ensure that we are able to meet our corporate policy, it is important to identify potential misconduct at an early stage. One way of doing this is by making sure that any information on potential compliance violations is reported to us.

A compliance violation occurs whenever applicable law or internal policies are violated in Belgium or abroad by our employees or vis-à-vis our employees in the performance of their duties. These violations include corruption, violation of competition and antitrust laws, data protection violations, as well as accounting, finance and tax violations. We rely on our employees along with our customers and business partners to help us detect and prevent compliance violations. If you notice any signs of a compliance violation, there are various ways to report it. Whichever method you choose to raise your concerns with us, we assure you that every report will be treated in strict confidentiality – and, should you wish, anonymously.

Compliance Officer

If you wish to report a compliance violation or have any questions about compliance, please contact our Compliance Officer at : PreZero Belgium SRL, Delori-Maeslaan 1, 9940 Evergem, Belgium, e-mail:

Online reporting system

We have implemented an online reporting system as an additional option to provide information on potential compliance violations. All incoming information is processed by our Compliance Officer.

The online reporting system is an Internet-based application and can be accessed from any device connected to the Internet via the following link: