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PreZero group

A leading environmental services provider

PreZero is an international environmental service provider specializing in waste and recycling management. PreZero is the environmental division of the Neckarsulm-based Schwarz Group, including also the retail companies Kaufland and Lidl and Schwarz Produktion. The PreZero Group currently has nearly 30,000 employees worldwide at 475 locations in Germany, Poland, Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal and the United States. Working closely with our customers, we combine economy and ecology and thus support their sustainable and successful development with the main objective of closing the loops.
Image with the logo of the four company of the Schwarz Group : Lidl, Kaufland, Schwarz Produktion and PreZero

PreZero as part of the Schwarz Group

Being part of the Schwarz Group, we are given the unique opportunity to develop new recycling loops that help reduce the consumption of natural resources. Since we are supported by one of the world's largest retailers, we have the chance to explore the entire raw material chain - from production to retail, through collection, sorting and recycling to reuse - and develop unique and innovative solutions.

Our History

The history of PreZero Belgium is young, yet we have decades of experience behind us.

In 2009, our company was founded as GreenCycle, originating from a waste disposal logistics department of the retail company Lidl. In 2018, the online platform,, was created, where customers can request a real-time quote for the disposal of recyclables and waste from a wide range of fractions. Just one year later, the PreZero brand has become the namesake of a group of companies with several thousand employees in the waste management and recycling sector.

In addition, the company is expanding internationally, leading to the creation of PreZero Belgium in 2022, driven by ambitious visions.

Vision & Value

Thinking ahead for our future together

As an environmental service provider, PreZero is determined to preserve resources along the entire value chain. Every employee is dedicated to the same idea: Avoiding waste and making the future cleaner through efficient and sustainable solutions. To achieve this, we are led by our corporate values. As fundamental principles, they drive our decisions and behaviour, are meaningful, promote trust and motivation and reinforce identification with our company.

Our Vision

New Thinking for a cleaner tomorrow

Our mission

With our innovative environmental services, we close loops and thus conserve resources.

Our Goal

Zero waste of resources along the entire value chain

We are committed to conserving resources and reducing to zero the amount of waste that cannot be put back into the cycle - in other words, PreZero.

PreZero is driving innovation in the industry. Through an efficient, digitalized, closed-loop recycling system, we aim to achieve a clean future in which we protect our environment and create sustainable value.


PreZero closes the loops

Our Values

Communication Supply Chain Act PreZero

Our Supply Chain

As an international disposal and recycling company, we adhere to high social and environmental standards.
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