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Corporate success through value creation cycles

At PreZero, we close as many loops as possible.

We maximize the circularity of products and processes.

We give advice to companies on reuse, recycling and reducing waste.

And together we think further for a sustainable tomorrow.


The objective: a sustainable future

Let's face it: it is time to reinvent the way we do business. Everyone is aware that endless consuming and throwing away without thinking twice are old habits that need to be changed. In the future, companies, government, customers, ... will value materials more and will all work to make the best possible use of them.

Great news: together we can achieve this objective !

Our commitment

Your waste management is in good hands with us. On top of this, we help you become more sustainable and we work on:
  • Opportunities to reduce waste flows through prevention;
  • Opportunities to optimize storage and collection of waste streams;
  • Monitoring of direct and indirect costs related to waste;
  • Processing waste streams into raw materials;
  • Reducing CO2 emissions. 

See where you are now

Sustainable materials and efficient waste management will not be reached in one day. But you can start today. We provide insight into where you are now, scan your waste and identify what the next steps are for you. Then, we identify specific issues and advice on sustainable best practices:

  • Find new alternatives and partnerships for existing waste streams;
  • Adapt the logistical aspects accordingly;
  • Implement sustainable solutions for material choices and packaging;
  • Collaborate with different actors in the supply chain to create more sustainable alternatives.

Our experts are ready for you