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How can PreZero help you?

Creating value from waste without depleting the earth and reducing the impact of corporate waste.

Those objectives are at the heart of PreZero services. As a dedicated waste partner, we always challenge the status quo and collaborate every step of the way towards circular economy. PreZero provides waste collection, disposal, sorting, processing, recycling up to a wide range of consulting services, combining all the expertise along the value chain under one roof.

Find out how PreZero services can help you to reach your CSR targets and sustainability objectives.


Sustainable Consulting

PreZero Zero Waste team initiates projects with organizations to promote reuse, recycling and recovery in accordance with the new European directives to reduce the amount of waste and the environmental impact.


Waste management

We find solutions for collecting, sorting and processing private and commercial waste. We work with experienced collectors and recyclers to integrate the entire loop and get the best out of your waste streams. On the way to a cleaner tomorrow!



Being able to recycle packaging is the final goal of our sorting facility. To achieve that, "blue blags" are gathered in our site in Evergem and thanks to our nearly fully automated facility, we separate the waste in 15 fractions. One step closer to closing the loop !

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