Waste separation

The right container at the right place

Waste scan

Well sorted is half recycled

For us, there is no waste, only unsorted recyclables in the wrong place. A sophisticated waste separation concept forms the basis for preserving valuable raw materials and reducing the volume of waste. This means that a suitable container system and innovations are required for each stream of waste and different applications in order to collect the various recyclables separately and as efficiently as possible.
Roll container

All types of containers for all types of waste

Within any type of organization, waste is inevitably released. Depending on the amount and type of waste released, we can provide the required containers. Besides the functional common roll containers for more standards waste streams, we also have stylish waste containers that look neat in a professional environment. It is also possible to rent a compactor or an open container, for example for waste paper.


container metal

Containers rental

PreZero facilitates the rental of containers nationwide. When you rent a commercial waste container from us, we define the best type of container and the required emptying frequency to completely relieve you of your waste process. This can be done through a fixed frequency, such as once a week. It is also possible to empty waste containers on demand if your waste flow varies.

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